Minimal Reader Launch Week – Day 1

Howdy All!

Thanks for sticking in there with me as I build MnmlRdr. A few months ago when I learned about Google Reader shutting down, and after being unsatisfied with the alternatives, I set out to build my own replacement. I wanted a reader that was fast, lightweight, that focused on the content, avoided social networking, and that worked great in mobile browsers. A number of you shared my sentiment and MnmlRdr was born.

The past 6 weeks have been a full of building, testing, fixing, and growing MnmlRdr. The service has transformed from a working prototype/idea, into an offering that many of you are using every day. I really appreciate those of you that have been previewing the service, finding and reporting bugs, and helping me improve the experience. You’ve been a great help.

Later this week (Thursday), I plan on taking MnmlRdr out of preview/invite-only and releasing it to the public. The service is ready for a new influx of users and I cannot wait for more of you to try MnmlRdr.

Once launched, MnmlRdr will be converted into a paid service. The service will cost $36/year and will come with a 7-day money-back guarantee. Your yearly subscription will contribute directly to the continued running and improvement of MnmlRdr. I want to continue building a great reader for you and by subscribing you can help.

Even though I want to keep MnmlRdr’s feature set minimal, launch day is not where development stops. Here are a few niceties that I want to explore down the road:

  • playing videos and podcasts
  • search and “smart” folders
  • full article view for feeds that only have links
  • native apps and offline support

If there is anything you think I should be including in this list or if you just want to say hello, feel free to get in touch.