Minimal Reader is my “Google Reader Replacement”

I set out weeks ago to build a Google Reader replacement for my own personal use. I decided I didn’t need a feed reader that had all of the bells and whistles that Google Reader had. I wanted something simple, clean, and straightforward. I wanted something that meshed with the Widefido philosophy of software, that is, software with fewer (but right!) features. It ends up that I built something that people like called MnmlRdr.

I’ve had a number of people trying out the site these past few weeks. I’ve been working through some small bugs, making it faster, cleaner, and all around a better app. I’m working today and the rest of this week to set up public access to it before the “July 1 deadline”.

MnmlRdr is going to be a paid service (a to-be-determined low monthly or yearly fee) which will allow me to continue to work on it and not have to shut it down like Google.

Now, there are a number of feed readers out there. With plenty of competition gearing up to go head-to-head in the wake of the Google Reader shutdown. I’m hoping I come out on the other side with a great app that you and others love to use. If you haven’t already, you should sign up for the preview.