Minimal Reader Feature: Send to

One of the most frequently requested features to be added to MnmlRdr has been to add the ability to send a feed item to a user’s, Instapaper, Pocket, and other external accounts. Originally, I did not think this was important, but many who tried MnmlRdr made it clear to me that it was.

I’ve added the ability to turn on a “Send to” menu for a feed item, similar to how Google Reader was able to be configured. The menu is disabled by default, but can be enabled with a variety of pre-configured services in the settings.

Now, you might be asking, “does adding features like this go against the minimal nature of MnmlRdr?” I don’t think it does. I see the goal of minimalism as removing the things that are not essential and focusing on those that are and that provide value. Less clutter. Fewer distractions. More value.

It is not about providing the fewest features possible, but instead, providing only the right features.