Minimal Reader Feature: Real-time Updates

What is better than refreshing your MnmlRdr to see a list of new stories from your favorite blogs? Not having to refresh of course! MnmlRdr now has the ability to “push” new stories to your account so you can stay up-to-date on your favorite blogs in real-time.

After evaluating some new features, I decided I wanted a way to keep from having to always refresh to see new stories. But, my focus with MnmlRdr is to keep from cluttering up your screen with lots of distraction, so the implementation is “quite minimal”:

  • You see notifications of new stories only when you enable the feature (turned off by default).
  • Notifications are limited to the section you are currently viewing. This means that if you have selected a single feed, you’ll only see notification updates from that feed.
  • Notifications of new stories appear at the top of the list.
  • New stories only display once you click on the notification.

So, what do you need to use this new feature? All you have to do is check “Notify me of new items as they arrive” from the settings page and you’ll start seeing new stories as they come into the MnmlRdr service.

Happy reading!