Minimal Reader Feature: Mark Entries Older Than

I subscribe to a lot of blogs. It’s sometimes hard to keep up with so much content flowing in, so I usually split up my feeds into a couple of buckets:

  • Important: important feeds that I want to read every day
  • The River: everything else that is OK to skip.

Sometimes, though, I want to skim what’s been happening “today” in The River without seeing anything that is older.

I’ve just released a new feature that allows you to mark entries older than 1 day or 1 week as read. This, combined with “Only show unread items” allows you to easily trim down your unread stories so you only see the most recent.

I have a bunch of new things like this planned for the next couple of weeks to help make MnmlRdr a more enjoyable experience.

In the meantime…happy reading!