Minimal Reader Feature: Go Gadget

One of the first apps that I install on any new Mac is a quick application launcher (QuickSilver, LaunchBar, and most recently Alfred). I love being able to access my apps with just a few keystrokes.

I decided that it would be neat to have something similar in MnmlRdr, so I added what I’m calling the “Go Gadget”. You can use it to quickly jump to any of your feeds, folders, tags, or sections in MnmlRdr by pressing “gg” (that’s the “g” key twice) and then typing where you want to jump to. The gadget auto-completes as you type helping you to jump quickly.

Happy reading!

P.S. If you didn’t already know, you can also press “?” at anytime from within the app to see a list of MnmlRdr’s other keyboard shortcuts.