Minimal Reader Feature: Easy Subscription Management

One area of MnmlRdr I feel has been missing some polish is subscribing and managing feeds & folders. When I launched MnmlRdr back in August, I knew that it needed a little bit of work, but there were more pressing issues…like database speed and server stability and backups and…I could go on.

One of my philosophies to software is that is should never cause pain and unfortunately the way we’ve had to manage your feeds until now has been a little bit painful. I’m sorry about that.

So…today I’m releasing an update that helps smooth out the rough edges of feed and folder management by allowing you to:

  1. Add a feed subscription from the main menu
  2. Add a folder from the main menu
  3. Drag and drop feeds to and from folders

It’s one step to help make using MnmlRdr easy and intuitive and I hope that you like it. I am improving MnmlRdr every day, so if there is anything that you feel is missing or could be improved upon, please feel free to get in touch.