Do You Trust Your Feed Reader?


“Trust is earned and can be taken away in a instant.”

This weekend Feedly silently launched (and eventually retracted) an initiative to intercept links that were shared from within their product. The function they introduced hijacked links that were shared from within Feedly and directed a user to a branded page with the content embedded in it…instead of directing a user to the original source.

Comments from the Edwin (their CEO) were unapologetic and centered around how Feedly plans to track each user’s reading preferences to provide an analytics system for publishers. Now, even though Feedly did revert the change late Saturday, I think this action reveals their plan on further monetizing their platform…by selling users’ private data to publishers. (Remember, if you’re not paying for the product, you are the product.)

I hope to earn your trust…

Your subscriptions and reading habits are deeply personal and can reveal quite a bit about you. I think this data should remain private and offer you two assurances to help earn your trust:

  • MnmlRdr is supported through your subscription. Your eyeballs are not the product.
  • MnmlRdr will never use your individual reading behavior. The articles you’ve read and starred, the feeds you subscribe to, etc, is your data. Private and off-limits.

MnmlRdr may be a small fish in the RSS reader pond, but my hope is to help shape that pond with a service offering you can trust.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about this. Happy reading!

Image adapted from original by Jerry “Woody” (CC BY-SA)